How To Connect Airdroid to PC or Laptop without Data Cable


Everyone out there, with a smartphone. If you feel lazy searching for your data cable, or might have lost it, here’s a very cool way to connect your phone to your computer, or laptop.

Requirements :

A windows machine
Modem connected to computer

Procedure to Follow :

1. From the app store, download application AirDroid. Install it.

2. Turn your Wi-Fi on, and open the application.

3. Open on your windows, and enter the passcode displayed on application. alternatively, you may scan the Qr code.( If you are too lazy to type).

4. Wait, till the passcode, matches and Voila! You can see all your phone, on your computer screen.

5. Download, see contacts, chat, transfer files, everything is possible, at Wi-Fi speed!

6. Enjoy.


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