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Top 10 Creative Website in the World

1. Morphix बदायूं। उत्तर प्रदेश के बदायूं जिले में दो चचेरी बहनों के साथ हुए दुष्कर्म के मामले पर कांग्रेस उपाध्यक्ष...

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  • Top 10 Creative Website in the World

    1. Morphix बदायूं। उत्तर प्रदेश के बदायूं जिले में दो चचेरी बहनों के साथ हुए दुष्कर्म के मामले पर कांग्रेस उपाध्यक्ष राहुल...

  • Increase RAM speed in Slow Computers

    This trick will use your USB’s storage as Virtual Memory. It is a Good Trick to Improve RAM Speed Just follow these Simple Steps : Insert the Pen Drive (1GB atleast) in the USB port try to prefer 4GB. Let the PC do what it wants to do to detect it. After it finished his […]

  • How To Connect Airdroid to PC or Laptop without Data Cable

    Everyone out there, with a smartphone. If you feel lazy searching for your data cable, or might have lost it, here’s a very cool way to connect your phone to your computer, or laptop. Requirements : A windows machine Modem connected to computer Procedure to Follow : 1. From the app store, download application...

  • Saddest Thing of a Relationship

    Do you still have pictures of you two in your room, or posted on your Facebook profile? Delete them immediately, not just because you seem pathetic to others by still clinging on to something that is long gone, but also because they remind you of him. That way you will never forget him, and will […]

  • Biggest Mistakes that are made in a Relationship

    You basically are throwing your time away if you are checking his Facebook or Twitter status every now and then, instead of going out, having fun and meeting new people, which is exactly what he is doing. You need to relax, you two are over, and seeing him in pictures with other people, or posting […]

  • Best Ever Thing of a Relationship

    You both always seem to hang out. He always calls you on his free time to hang out. And you always call him on your free time to go hang out. You guys spend all of each others’ free time together. He may even ditch his friends to go hang out with you. If he […]

  • Biggest Mistake of GF

    This is probably the most unfair thing girls do when they are not completely over their ex; comparing other boys to him is just stupid, because you will then never find a guy you would really like and probably miss out many great relationship opportunities. And on the other hand, you really do not want […]

  • Volunteer With Your Boyfriend

    If you are tired of the typical dates that your boyfriend goes on, this is a great idea you can bring up to him! There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer all across the world, and most likely even your city. Whether it be working in a nursing home, planting some trees, or volunteering in […]

  • Callisto Woo-Commerce – Premium Theme

    Callisto is totally Responsive theme that appears and works nice on tablets, mobile devices , computers. It supports the powerful WooCommerce plugin, that enables you to sell something to anyone victimisation your WordPress website. Galilean comes with countless additional options, as well as 2 trade leading plugins...

  • HostChilly V3 by ThemeChilly

    HostChilly V3 by ThemeChilly may be a responsive WordPress theme for net hosts with a dynamic homepage slider, three color skins (blue, inexperienced and red), WHMCS example files, contact page, and more. Download: http://www.themechilly.com/hostchillyv3/

  • GoodStore – Themeforest WooCommerce Responsive Theme

    Fully tested for WordPress three.6+bWooCommerce a pair of.1+ prepared Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera 13+, net person 8+ Save your cash – Revolution Slider enclosed and supported Mobile friendly and responsive style 2 layouts: 1170px and 960px Fullwidth and boxed variation Catalog mode four types of Product...